I'm a self taught artist with a passion for morocco and 1001 nights, who wants to make the world a more magical place! I paint vibrant artworks with a touch of wanderlust for free spirits and dreamers. Let me inspire you and take you away to magical places!

I believe that magic happens for those who want to see it and let it be part of their lifes. We are all one, no matter which religion or believes we have. Since my first morocco visit, I'm falling for islamic pattern and architecture and always let them flow into my art. In my artworks I find peace, they are magical places where Occident meets Orient.

As far as I can think I always loved art and I painted since I can think. When I was a little kid you could have left me alone with just pencils and paper for hours. One day, when I was 10 a friend from school took me to her acrylic painting lesson with her, and I knew that one day I want to be like the painting teacher, with an own atelier, painting all day long! I always knew that I want to do something creative with my life, so I became an Advertisement Art Director. I live and work near Frankfurt, germany. I always desired to create, something from myself for myself. Create something new, using my hands to find silence and inner piece. I started to become passionate about painting with acrylics and paint almost every day. It's my escape from daily routine, life pressures and people.