I‘m a self taught artist with a passion for morocco and 1001 nights, who wants to make the world a more magical place! I paint vibrant, oriental artworks for free spirits and dreamers. Let me inspire you and take you to far away places!

I believe that magic happens for those who want to see it and let it be part of their lifes. We are all one, no matter which religion or believes we have.

Even as a little kid I painted with big enthusiasm and dreamed about being an artist. I had my first experience with acrylic painting while going to my first painting lesson with a friend at the age of 9. After that I got my first art supplies and art became my big passion. Since my first morocco travel in 2015, where I met my husband and true love in the Sahara Desert, I’m in love with with the oriental patterns, the culture, the colors and architecture of morocco. This magical experience changed my life forever and I started to bring my dreams, hopes and feelings of missing my husband and morocco on canvas.

My paintings share my view and magical experiences from the oriental world. They are about getting lost and finding yourself again. They are about the inspiring moments, places, people and feelings that I experienced through my travels. With my art, I want to teleport the viewer to the magical places I dream of while I‘m painting. I want to connect and open doors to a new perception of the oriental world, with it’s different religions and cultures.


I use a water-based acrylic technique combined with lots of patterns and architectural shapes in my work, to allow the viewer to have a glimpse on the world of a 1001 nights and share the dream. My work is very detailed, because it’s often the little details that are necessary to see what’s really important in the “big picture”, as well as in life.




2018  Groupshow at the summer party from "Forum zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur" –

         Neu Isenburg

2018  "Home is where my art is" - Artfair at Stadtmuseum Haus zum Löwen – Neu Isenburg

2019  "Ich" - Groupshow from Forum zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur – Neu Isenburg  

2019   Groupshow at the Open Doors Festival, Humanistische Gemeinde – Neu Isenburg 

2019 - 2020   "Marrakech" - Solo Show at Frankfurter Str. 132-134, – Neu Isenburg

2020 Feature in the online gallery of liaison gallery




2018  "Kunst am Pool", Frankfurter Neue Presse

2019  "Selbstportraits im Schwimmbad", Frankfurter Neue Presse, Offenbach Post & Langener Zeitung 

2020  "Carolin Bentbib – Kunst ist die Tür zum Herzen!" – Interview at Weltensammlerinnen.de, https://weltensammlerinnen.de/carolin-bentbib/

2020  "All about the little details - Artist Carolin Bentbib" – Article on candyflossmagazine.com, https://www.candyflossmagazine.com/post/all-about-the-little-details-artist-carolin-bentbib


2018 Collaboration with "Saweira Silver"

2018  Mural painting at "Villa fleur d'oranger" in Marrakech

2018  "Kunstwundertüte", with "Forum zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur" in Neu Isenburg


2019  "Kunstwundertüte", with "Forum zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur" in Neu Isenburg 

2020  Collaboration with www.weltensammlerinnen.de