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A dream came true.

  • Since my first time in Morocco, I'm deeply in love with the magical city Marrakech. All my art since then is inspired by the beautiful architecture and colors of Morocco. I love the old, salmon colored walls that are build from natural tone earth.

I was so exited when the owner of Villa fleur d'oranger asked me to paint a mural on his walls, next to the swimming pool and the beautiful nature that surrounds the villa. It was always a dream for me to paint a beautiful mural, but I never had the place or the chance to.

Here you can see my painting process. I really enjoyed painting on these raw textured walls in between the blooming orange trees and the peacocks that were visiting me while I painted. It actually took me about 3 days to paint the mural.

If you should ever visit Marrakech, you can see my mural when you stay at the beautiful Villa fleur d'oranger. It's a little outside of Marrakech, in the middle of nature. You can even see the Atlas Mountains from there! It's defenitely the most beautiful place I ever stayed at while I was in Marrakech.

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